Monthly Update – July 22

“Who needs friends when you have nurses?” – Alexandria Gunnels

Grace and Alex

Update by Grace: Hey guys I’m Alex’s best friend Grace and I’ll be writing the update this month; Alex is sick and tired of writing about her stupid cancer LOL.

Alex just finished up her spinal radiation, and now our days are not as busy. Me and Alex love to color pictures during the day. Alex is quite the artist! She even has her own decorated binder that she keeps all her pictures in! (Thanks Aunt Andrea)! Alex also loves to hang out with her home nurses. A nurse comes once a day to check in on her. All of the nurses have been so nice and have really helped us! This summer has flown by fast, and I’m glad I get to spend every day with Alex.

The time has flown by since Alex was diagnosed in January with her tumor, recently Alex and her family received the news that cancer cells from the tumor spread over her brain, Alex is too strong to let this bring her down, she still has a positive attitude and will never give up in fighting her battle. We started a new medicine called “DCA” that seems to be very promising in treating brain tumors. We hope that this medicine  will make her tumor stable and shrink it.

MARK THE DATE! On July 27th we are having another fundraiser for our team Kick Cancer’s A.S.S in our walk for Miles For Hope. I KNOW we will see you there LOL! Join us at Applebees this Wednesday from 4-9 pm in St. Pete and be sure to print your flyer! Also, do not forget to sign up for our walk and support brain tumor research! We still need another hundred people for our team to reach our goal!

Thank you all for supporting Alex by sending her gifts, joining her fundraisers, and signing up for the walk. Alex and her family appreciate it.