Miles For Hope Walk – September 22, 2012

Team Kick Cancer’s A.S.S.

With great love and pride we are once again supporting the awareness of Brain Tumors. We come to you today requesting support by way of donations and participants for team Kick Cancer’s A.S.S. and specifically the amazing survivor  Stephanie Moore in loving memory of Alexandria Gunnels and Stephen Thompson in Clearwater, Florida on Saturday September 22th, 2012.

Alexandria Gunnels passed away August 4, 2011. She went peacefully to be with Jesus while surrounded by her loved ones. Alex fought a courageous battle against brain cancer. She was a caring compassionate daughter, sister, and friend who always put the needs of others before her own. Alex’s memory will live on as she will forever be in all our hearts.

Stephanie Moore, 6 year survivor and mother of 4, continues to fight everyday with a positive attitude, a will to survive and the support of everyone who loves her dearly. Stephanie had tears of joy for our last walk with Miles For Hope in September 2010 & 2011 and I suspect the waterworks will return with this campaign.

Stephen Thompson was 48 years old when he was stricken with Glioblastoma, also known as GBM, a form of brain cancer. He was diagnosed in November 2009  and he died January 7, 2010. He was a healthy hard working person with no indication how his life and those that loved him would change so quickly. The doctors indicated GBM is the most aggressive form of brain cancer. It strikes without warning, they told me this affects all ages and as far as they know at this time you can not prevent brain cancer that’s why it is so important to find a cure. Don’t wait until someone you know or love is diagnosed with brain cancer, help support research with a donation of any size. Your help is needed to find a cure.

With your support you will be aiding in the research of brain tumors enhancing Stephanie’s will power, and remembering Alex & Stephen and furthering the awareness of this cause.

Share the love and support Kick Cancer’s A.S.S. today!

Join Erica Gunnels, Jennifer Dokken, Paul Thompson and all the supporters in Clearwater, Florida.

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If signing up to walk with us be sure to tick the box next to “Join a team” then  select “Kick Cancer’s A.S.S.” after agreeing to the waiver. Also, if you are not able to be there you can be a Virtual Participant and get an event t-shirt.

Our goal is to have 100 walkers and raise $10,000.00!

Miles for Hope’s Mission

Miles for Hope is dedicated to raising awareness, funding of cutting edge brain tumor research and clinical trials and to providing travel assistance to qualified patients. Through our work, we intend on finding not only treatments that provide a better quality of life for those suffering with brain cancer, but to find a cure for it.